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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in an evidence-based, diversified and cost-conscious approach, in which investors are rewarded by capital markets over the long term.

The role of an independent investment committee member is to bring rigour, support and insight to the Investment Committee around areas such as asset allocation, implementation and the evaluation of investment managers. 

Investment expertise creates value for your business

Principia Investment Consultants partners with Financial Advisor firms to provide independent investment expertise to their Investment Committee.

We monitor processes, performance, compliance and costs. Our expertise allows you to focus on the goals and values of your clients, rather than their investments.

Evidence-based investing

Our investment recommendations are based on robust research and a rational approach. We apply the latest evidence from world leaders in economics and finance that has been tested in the real world to produce sustainable investment performance. That means we concentrate on what can be controlled – not on timing the market and picking stocks.

The importance of long term capital growth

We believe in focusing on the long term rather than trying to time markets. Investing for capital growth through appropriate risk-return portfolios is a highly effective way to generate tax-effective wealth and deliver more consistent outcomes to clients.

Costs can be controlled

We focus on net returns, to make sure that standout investment performance isn’t eroded by excessive investment management fees and other charges. Portfolios are carefully evaluated to look at the value they deliver to you in terms of their price against their competition.

A diversified portfolio reduces risk

A well-diversified portfolio helps reduce volatility and the risk of capital losses given many assets react differently to the same market conditions. A diversified portfolio creates more consistent outcomes for investors.