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Principia Investment Consultants works with financial advisors to provide independent and ongoing investment governance oversight. We give you confidence that the investment advice you provide is based on strong foundations, and the investments you recommend are all regularly and thoroughly monitored.

Our starting point is to review your investment philosophy and then help implement this philosophy through your investment committee. Today it is more important than ever that all advisors have a well thought out and documented investment philosophy, and one that is easy to articulate. 


We believe your clients should be empowered by the investment decision-making process, which creates trust through education and understanding.


The focus must always be on the clients values and goals.

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Portfolio Monitoring

Asset Allocation

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IC notes and papers

Quarterly Market Reports and Presentations

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Quarterly Market Report
Companion slides
White labeled slides for client presentations

The Quarterly Report is an overview of what has happened in markets over the last 3- and 12-months, and can be used in part or whole in client newsletters, blogs and meetings. A slide deck is created which can be white labelled for presentations, videos, etc. 

Video Content for Clients

We produce short videos in Q and A format covering market updates, client education material, and investment related current topics. The videos can be shared with clients and prospects via your webpage, newsletters, LinkedIn, blogs or other social media. The above are 60 second examples of some of the videos we have produced.